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Saxo Webinars

Commodities Update: 18 May 2016

407 views May 18, 2016

The commodities rally through April was helped by a weakening dollar. Join Ole Hansen as he...

Saxo Webinars

OptionsLab: Determining an options futures price

773 views May 12, 2016

It can be difficult to predict how an options value will change, especially factoring in time. In...

Saxo Webinars

Introducing FX Options

685 views May 11, 2016

If you've wanted to trade FX Options but weren't really sure how, Dan Larsen will take you...

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John Hardy: FX Update #4

893 views May 10, 2016

Join Head of Forex Strategy, John J. Hardy, as he analyses the FX markets and provides essential...

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Equities Update: Peter Garnry

481 views May 04, 2016

Peter Garnry runs through what has been a difficult earnings season for some and picks out the...

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Gjennomgang av plattformen

28 views May 03, 2016

Bli med på dette webinaret for å få en grunnleggende gjennomgang av plattformen. I webinaret blir...

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The FX Update - Forex to pivot on central-bank...

971 views April 26, 2016

By John J. Hardy Two central-bank meetings stand out this week and while the Federal Open Market...

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Essential Trades for Q2 - Bonds

958 views April 13, 2016

Join Saxo Bank's head of fixed income trading Simon Fasdal as he expands on the details of his...

Saxo Webinars

Steen Jakobsen: Global Macro Outlook for Q2

2,197 views April 12, 2016

Essential Trades for Q2 – the global outlook Saxo’s Chief Economist and CIO Steen Jakobsen...

Saxo Webinars

Essential Trades for Q2 - FX and Commodities

1,541 views April 11, 2016

SaxoStrats analysts John Hardy and Ole Hansen present and expand on the details of their...

Saxo Webinars

Technical Analysis - Introduction to indicators

1,076 views April 06, 2016

In this webinar, you will get a basic introduction to the most common technical indicators...

Saxo Webinars

The FX Market Update #2 with John Hardy

1,497 views March 29, 2016

Join Saxo's Head of Forex Strategy, John J. Hardy, as he analyses the FX markets and provides...