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Saxo Webinars

The FX Markets Update: Hardy

1,172 views March 15, 2016

Join Head of Forex Strategy, John J. Hardy, as he analyses the FX markets and provides essential...

Saxo Webinars

Technical Analysis: An introduction

1,876 views March 10, 2016

Technical Analysis is a time-tested approach to locating trade setups and defining trade...

Saxo Webinars

Learning effective risk management

1,597 views February 29, 2016

Whether you are a day trader or long-term investor, learning effective risk management is core to...

Saxo Webinars

What’s in store for FX traders after turbulent...

2,263 views February 05, 2016

Want to know what's next for major currencies like the US dollar and the euro? Want to know what...